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Mark Madden says T.J. Watt skipped his exit interview with the Steelers

(Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

According to Mark Madden of 105.9 The X, first-team All-Pro outside linebacker T.J. Watt skipped his exit interview with the Steelers following the end of the 2020 season, which ended in an embarrassing 48-37 loss to the Browns at Heinz Field in the wild-card game.

Madden isn't sure why Watt declined his exit interview, but he was really frustrated with how the season ended and told the Steelers to send his info to Wisconsin. All exit interviews were reportedly done via Zoom.

Madden said on Twitter someone from within the organization told him that Watt skipped his exit interview. He also said Watt's exact words were "send my ***t to Wisconsin."

The Steelers started off the season 11-0 and collapsed down the stretch, losing five of their last six games, including the debacle against the Browns in the playoff game when they spotted Cleveland 28 points in the first quarter.

Watt had three total tackles, two of those being solos, one tackle for loss and one pass defended in the wild-card game loss to the Browns. However, he had no sacks and no quarterback hits in the game. The defense altogether didn't have a single sack or quarterback hit against the Browns.

The Steelers led the league in sacks with 56 in the regular season and the last time they had no sacks in a game was the 2017 divisional-round game loss to the Jaguars.

With how the season ended, it's understandable that Watt would be really frustrated. And with the exit interviews being done via Zoom, he probably figured they would do it just at another time when things cooled down.

Update: Watt refuted Madden's report on Twitter tonight and said that he met with Mike Tomlin, Kevin Colbert and Keith Butler during exit interviews before packing his bags and leaving Pittsburgh.

Madden tweeted at Watt and said he heard differently and stands by his report.

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