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Madden Simulation has the Steelers selecting RB Najee Harris in the 2021 NFL Draft

During this time of the NFL offseason, many analysts are mocking what the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to do in the 2021 NFL draft. It looks like there are over at least 50+ mock drafts before we eventually get to the actual draft and the majority of those analysts do not guess Pittsburgh Steelers actual draft pick on draft day. With that being said the majority of the analysts feel the Steelers will draft a running back in the first round of the NFL draft. Even we are saying the Steelers need to get a premier running back in the 2021 NFL draft.

With that being said I do always enjoy watching Madden's (the video game) mock draft instead of seeing what the analysts say at times. That looks like what Sporting News recently did with their newest 2021 NFL Mock Draft. They say after the Steelers lost James Conner during free agency in 2021 the Steelers are in need of a new running back. Najee Harris is the consensus pick to land with Pittsburgh in the Mock Draft DataBase with a fairly high 15.9%. That means Madden had Najee Harris land in Pittsburgh the most during their mock draft.

Sporting News says Najee Harris makes a lot of sense with the Steelers No. 24 pick as both a position of need and a talented player with their selection. It would make the most sense if Najee Harris did end up in Pittsburgh because the Steelers have finished in the bottom 20 in regards to the running game for 3 seasons now. In order for the Steelers to get back to their physical running game that we all know and love they will need a premier running back in the 2021 NFL draft. Najee Harris fits that mold in Pittsburgh.


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