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Madden NFL 22 ranks Minkah Fitzpatrick as the 10th best safety in the game

(Photo by Benjamin Solomon/Getty Images)

We wrote about T.J. Watt getting snubbed in the Madden NFL 22 ratings yesterday, as he's the third-ranked edge rusher in the game. But, man, Madden NFL 22 really snubbed Minkah Fitzpatrick, as he comes in as the 10th ranked safety in the game with a 89 overall rating.

Diontae Johnson even commented on the disrespect that Madden is showing Fitzpatrick. "Stop trying my boy Minkah!! Best safety in the league smh."

Fitzpatrick has earned Pro Bowl and first-team All-Pro nominations the last two seasons, so it's hard to fathom how he would rank as the 10th best safety in the game. He should at least be ranked in the top two. Madden, of course, is just a video game, but Fitzpatrick getting snubbed in the game has sure got people's attention, as it's currently trending on Twitter.

Fitzpatrick caught wind of Madden snubbing him with their ratings and tweeted, "I don’t even know what to say anymore…."

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