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Le'Veon Bell says the Pittsburgh Steelers should have paid him what he wanted when they had a chance

There once was a time in Pittsburgh where the Steelers had one of the most talented offenses in the NFL. They were loaded with talent all over the field with Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, Martavis Bryant, and Le'Veon Bell. They were once called the 'Killer Bees' who were set to bring the Steelers another Super Bowl Championship to the City of Pittsburgh. Everything looked like it was set up for Pittsburgh to take over the AFC, but egos started getting into the way with their play on the football field.

Martavis Bryant could not stay off weed. He kept failing drug test after drug test in the NFL and is now playing in an Arena Football League that hardly pays anything. Le'Veon Bell became the third option in Kansas City and Antonio Brown took the easy route to a Super Bowl with a loaded football team in Tampa Bay. All three players just couldn't get the job done in Pittsburgh and they will not admit they were wrong in every aspect when it comes to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Especially with Le'Veon Bell.

Bell showed he has no remorse leaving Pittsburgh. The truth is the Steelers were willing to pay him a good contract to stay in a great football system. Bell ended up choosing the money and a bad football system which ultimately doomed his football career. Yes, he did end up getting a big bag, but going forward he won't come close to the value he thinks he is worth in the NFL.

Le'Veon Bell did admit he received the most touches in Pittsburgh which is a true statement, but what did he expect after he left an ideal situation with the Steelers? He may be bragging on the internet, but one thing is for sure he will never be the same dominant NFL player he once was with the Pittsburgh Steelers. You can take that to the bank and know that is a fact.

Whether Le'Veon Bell would like to admit he was wrong or not he now gets to watch Najee Harris become the player Bell should have become during his time with the Pittsburgh Steelers. I believe if Harris can stay healthy with the Steelers then Pittsburgh will be saying 'Le'Veon who' for the remainder of Harris's time in Pittsburgh. Harris should become ELITE with the Pittsburgh Steelers.


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