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Le'Veon Bell's list of suitors grows smaller

(Photo obtained via Getty images, from Justin Beri)

According to Jeremy Fowler, The Steelers are a long shot to sign Bell at this stage. As expected. This is okay. However, he might sign somewhere the Steelers might see him again down the line. They know him well, so he shouldn't kill the Steelers, wherever he goes. However, he will still have an impact.

The teams he mentions as his top suitors of this stage are the Dolphins, Chiefs and the Bills. All these teams are decent bets with pros and cons of each. If he signs with Bills or Dolphins, he would end up playing Adam Gase again in the near future. Maybe get some revenge. However, if this is about getting a ring, I would definitely sign with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Clyde Edwards-Hellaire is decent. However, he is not Le'Veon Bell. The Chiefs would become even better if they sign Bell. Andy Reed is an excellent coach coming off a Super Bowl win and is looking to be back again this year.

The one team on this list I would not go to if I were Bell would be the Dolphins. I know he has a house in Miami. However, the Dolphins currently stink. It would be a very similar issue to where is now on the Jets.

If not the Chiefs, expect LeV'eon Bell to take a long look at the Buffalo Bills. Sean McDermott today has spoken to the media about his interest in the former Jet/Steeler RB. So, still, all options are on the table and playing in your own backyard has it's own benefits.

If you aren't coming home to Pittsburgh, at least sign with a contender and make the best possible choice for your playing career. Right now, the reason he is not signed is because he is waiting to see how much money he's going to get from each of these teams and currently I still expect it to be quite a short prove it deal.

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