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LB Buddy Johnson: "I feel like I can do whatever my coach asks me to do in Pittsburgh"

Going into the 2021 NFL draft you knew the Pittsburgh Steelers were going to draft a linebacker at some point. That is just how the Steelers love to operate by having great linebackers on the defensive side of the ball. In the fourth round after going three rounds offensively, the Steelers decided to finally draft their linebacker. The Steelers selected linebacker Buddy Johnson from Texas A&M.

If you notice many of the Steeler's draft picks have connections with each other. Buddy is very close to Dan Moore Jr (being his teammate at Texas A&M) and Najee Harris. Typically the Steelers love to draft players who have played with each other and are close with one another. With that being said he will now have a familiar face to play with in Dan Moore Jr.

Steelers linebacker coach Jerry Olsavsky on Buddy Johnson: "I like Buddy, he is a good player," said inside linebackers coach Jerry Olsavsky. "He is a good inside linebacker. I think it's appropriate the first defensive player we got in the 2021 draft was an inside linebacker. I am always excited. I love guys that play football and Buddy fits the bill.

More Steelers linebacker coach Jerry Olsavsky on Buddy Johnson: "Buddy fits in great with the group. He likes football, plays downhill, good in pass coverage, zone drops. That is what we want. When he first gets here, the one thing he is going to do is be unselfish, listen to Devin and Vince, the older guys, and play some special teams. We're really going to like him."

It looks like Olsavsky will want Johnson to come into Pittsburgh and stand behind both Devin Bush and Vince Williams to learn Pittsburgh Steeler's system. So I would expect Johnson to be used for depth during his rookie season in Pittsburgh. Buddy did say it was an incredible feeling when he was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers and he feels like whatever his coaches ask him to do on the football field he will be able to do. Whether that is stopping the run or the pass. He also loves to play special teams because at Texas A&M if you were a starter you were required to play special teams.

Buddy Johnson after he was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers: "If you look at the recent years, the Steelers have picked players from the same teams that played together. For me to go out and play with Dan Moore, that is my guy. Najee (Harris) from Alabama, we became close friends. For me to go out and put on a show with them, that is huge. It's all about having guys you trust. I am ready to go to work."

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