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Labriola thinks it's far more likely Spillane will start at Inside Linebacker in 2021

The Steelers will be walking into the 2021 season with many holes that need to be filled. One of those positions of need is the inside linebacker position. Right now the Steelers really only have two capable starters at the inside linebacker position. They're Devin Bush and Robert Spillane. If you know the Steelers they love to have elite inside linebackers in the middle of the field. That is one of the reasons why they moved up to draft Devin Bush in 2019.

Now with the Steelers releasing Vince Williams in the 2021 offseason, it gives the Steelers more need at the inside linebacker position. Will the Steelers end up drafting an inside linebacker early on in the 2021 NFL draft? JuJu Smith-Schuster thinks the Steelers will draft a defensive player early on, but Bob Labriola thinks it's far, far more likely the Steelers will start Robert Spillane at the inside linebacker position alongside Devin Bush in 2021. Labriola also says he thinks it's far less likely the Steelers will replace him with a draft pick.

Regardless the Steelers will need to draft an inside linebacker in the 2021 NFL draft. Whether it is a top prospect or a mid-round inside linebacker. To be honest I would draft an inside linebacker before taking an outside linebacker in the 2021 NFL draft. There is a bigger need in the middle of the field.

The Steelers are solid with TJ Watt and Alex Highsmith going forward and all they need at the outside linebacker position is someone who can give them a break and produce when their number is called. The bigger need going into the 2021 NFL draft is the offensive line, running back, and inside linebacker positions.

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