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Labriola says Haskins is much closer to not making the Steelers 53-man roster than being the Starter

Dwayne Haskins has not even played a snap of football with the Pittsburgh Steelers and it looks like much of the media and fans are already counting him out. Haskins was drafted as a top 15 quarterback into a football system that never gave him a chance. Jay Gruden took Haskins without guaranteeing him to be the team's starting quarterback. Threw him into the fire and played him until the wheels fell off. Then Ron Rivera gave him an opportunity to continue being the starter and the wheels fell off again.

Washington never allowed Haskins to develop behind a veteran quarterback during his time with the team because Case Keenum would eventually get hurt. So instead of pulling Haskins off of the field, they kept riding with him until they couldn't any longer. Granted his off-the-field issues did not help him during his time in Washington either. Haskins would eventually be released. Since being released he has signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers to a futures contract. He is hoping to revive his career with Coach Mike Tomlin and Offensive Coordinator Matt Canada who has a knack for the way Haskins plays the game of football.

In a recently written asked and answered article by Bob Labriola he took on a question asking how he felt about Haskins eventually becoming the starter in Pittsburgh? Bob did not waste any time with how he felt. He said he feels Haskins will not become a starter in Pittsburgh and he is closer to being cut from the 53-man roster than becoming the starter. Tell us how you really feel Bob... Sheesh.

No matter how it plays out in Pittsburgh in regards to Dwayne Haskins he gets another opportunity to walk into a top-tier football system in the National Football League who could possibly fix him. He is still only 23 years old. Why not take a flier on a top 15 product who can sit behind a veteran quarterback and learn the right way? If it works out you end up with a top 15 quarterback for nothing. If it doesn't work out you lose nothing in the long run. His contract is less than a million dollars with no guarantees. The Steelers have absolutely nothing to lose with Dwayne Haskins and it was smart for the Steelers to pick him up on the deal they signed him with. Let's hope it works out because if it does the Steelers just got a first-round draft pick essentially for free.

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