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Kyzir White somehow didn't get fined by the NFL for his hit on Najee Harris

(Screenshot of Kyzir White's hit on Najee Harris)

In last Sunday night's game, Chargers inside linebacker Kyzir White delivered a flying forearm shot to Najee Harris' head. Harris was injured on the play and was evaluated for a concussion, but the rookie running back ended up passing all the tests and returned to the game.

The hit by White was penalized in the game, which is quite shocking. However, it's even more surprising that the NFL didn't at least fine White. It's a clear head shot. This is the kind of hit that the league is trying to take out of the game. So much for player safety.

Another controversial play in the game was when Cameron Heyward was called for an unnecessary roughness penalty on Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert. It appeared that Heyward punched Herbert in the stomach after the play. Heyward explained after the game that it wasn't malicious and it wasn't his intent to hit Herbert while he was down.

"I was trying to get up and I couldn't get up and fell back on him," Heyward said after the loss to the Chargers. "It was terrible. There was nothing malicious behind it. I wasn't trying to punch him. "I know it looks worse in slow motion. I'm sorry if I did anything to upset anybody. I wish I had said more to Justin after, but there was nothing behind it."

Herbert said after the game that he took no offense to Heyward's "punch."

"He’s a tough player. Football is an emotional game," Herbert said. "Whatever happened, happened in the game. We’ll shake hands and say, ‘Good game,’ after the game.”

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