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Kyle Rudolph would be a good addition to our TE Room

(Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

Kyle Rudolph has been released by the Minnesota Vikings. Would he be a good fit in Pittsburgh? I think so. He's a great blocked and teammates look up to him. He has made some big plays throughout his career as well.

He's also a team captain that can hold the whole team accountable. I think that's an important thing to add to the culture of any team. He's 31 years old and I could see him playing 1-2 more years in this league at his current level.

However, in the last few years he hasn't topped 400 yards receiving. What is his value? Similar to Ebron? Less? That's the question here. I think if the Steelers can get him for close to the Vet minimum that would be worth it here.

Ebron is the all around better athlete. He's a freak. However, most of our concern with him is his drops at times. However, overall I would still take Ebron. I just think the two would be pretty good together as a unit in the same TE room. I think they could build off of each others strengths and weaknesses.

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