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Kevin Dotson says he feels more 'comfortable' this year at left guard

(Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images)

Kevin Doston started four games last year for the Steelers, two at right guard and two at left guard, and he was impressive when in the starting lineup. According to Pro Football Focus in the 358 snaps that Dotson played last season, he earned a pass-blocking grade above 87.2, allowing just one hurry.

Dotson is projected to be the starting left guard this season and today in his interview with the media following the Steelers' second OTAs practice, he talked about the preparation of playing on the left side.

"They wanted me to train more left," Dotson said. "That is where they have me now. That is what I did the whole offseason was train for the left side. Just to be a little more comfortable in it. Last year when I played in it, I really wasn't too comfortable. I feel like I am way more comfortable now."

Dotson played right guard in college at the University of Louisiana and the switching of sides does take time to get adjusted to for some players whether it's on offense or defense. Along with feeling more comfortable at left guard, Dotson also feels more prepared this season with having OTAs in-person.

"I just feel more prepared. I know what's to come. Last year all of the COVID stuff, I had no idea when I was supposed to come to Pittsburgh," Dotson said. "I had no idea what we were going to do, what type of practices. Now I can expect it and I know what to work for. I worked for it all offseason."

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