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Kevin Dotson has picked up Painting during the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Kevin Dotson recently sat down with Missi Matthews to do a 1-on-1 interview on Dotson has been training very hard during the offseason. In fact, he is training in Dallas, Texas. There has not been very much to do during the Covid-19 pandemic for many of the NFL football players because they have to adhere to the NFL guidelines for Covid-19 and if they test positive they will have to miss up to 2 weeks during the season. Most NFL players just go to practice and typically go home to avoid coming into contact with Covid-19.

Kevin Dotson is just going to practice and coming home, but he has added an extra hobby while staying home during the Covid-19 pandemic. In middle school Kevin Dotson always loved art. He loved to be creative while making many paintings. That is what he is doing now to help pass the time during the Covid-19 pandemic while being responsible. So he has been mostly painting, working out, and sleeping during the offseason.

Dotson loves to create artful pieces and put them around his house. He finds joy in being creative and has even shared his passion with a few teammates during the 2020 season that he has taken painting as a hobby. Not many days you get to see a man bench 410 pounds in the gym and come home to turn into Bob Ross. Dotson is a man of many hobbies and he is taking the Covid-19 pandemic seriously. Look for Dotson to become an integral part of the offensive line going forward and will become one of the best Steelers offensive linemen going into the future. The Steelers have found a fourth-round gem.

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