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Kevin Dotson has begun his offseason workout by benching 410 pounds

Normally Kevin Dotson's offseason regiment includes pulling trucks and lifting heavy things. Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger says "I lift things up and put them down." That is exactly what Kevin Dotson is doing during his 2021 offseason. Dotson is a fourth-round gem found by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2020 draft. He was the most consistent player on the offensive line even over David DeCastro in 2020.

Dotson was named the highest-graded rookie pass-blocker (87.2) in the NFL by Pro Football Focus in 2020. In 219 pass-block snaps, Dotson allowed 1 quarterback pressure and 0 sacks. Pro Football Focus said Dotson had the fifth-highest pass blocking grade in 2020 as well. The Steelers got a steal in the fourth-round with Kevin Dotson. He is looking to come into 2021 as one of the starters on the offensive line in Pittsburgh.

The Steelers offensive line will need as much help as they possibly can get going into 2021. They finished dead last in the running game in 2020. It looks like Zach Banner, Kevin Dotson, David DeCastro, BJ Finney, and others will be back, but the Steelers will need to look for their future Center in the 2021 NFL draft if they do not pick up another Center in free agency. Dotson will probably be one of the best offensive linemen on the Steelers heading into 2021 as well.

Dotson has just started his offseason workout in 2021. He recently had some videos surface on the internet of him benching 410 pounds and pulling a sled easily with weight on it. The Steelers will need all the help they can get going into 2021 and Dotson looks to be their biggest player on the offensive line heading into 2021. If Dotson can continue producing the way he did in 2020 he should become a big star on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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