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Steelers Rookie Kevin Dotson could make his First NFL Start against the Broncos Sunday

(Photo via Kevin Dotson's Instagram)

Kevin Dotson always dreamed about blocking for Ben Roethlisberger. He grew up as a Yinzer just like all of us Steelers fans did. He even had his own Steelers Man Cave! Dotson said he grew up watching the Steelers games and by age 10 he got to watch Jerome Bettis in the Super Bowl. He loved watching the Bus. Now that he has been drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers the only Steeler left on the team he grew up watching was Ben Roethlisberger who is going into his 17th Season.

“That’s another thing that’s been crazy for me. When I was just a kid, I thought, I’m going to block for Big Ben when I get older. But now I actually get to do it. So, this is going to be one of those dreams to get to play with people that you’ve looked up to for pretty much your entire life.”

On Monday Zach Banner tore his ACL and is out for the season. David DeCastro and Stefan Wisniewski both missed practice again on Friday. They have just been ruled out for Sunday against the Broncos as I type this (Perfect Timing). Kevin Dotson could start at Right Guard on Sunday against the Broncos. Dotson is massive at 6'4 and 321 pounds. He was a bouncer before he was drafted with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Kevin Dotson can play on the line and do it quite well. His offensive line coach Rob Sale said Dotson is just an old school tough football player.

“He is truly the old school, tough football player,” said Rob Sale, the University of Louisiana’s offensive line coach. “It comes back from the way he was raised from his dad.”

Dotson was not invited to the NFL Combine he also missed the Senior Bowl. It was considered one of the biggest snubs according to his assistant offensive line coach D.J. Looney.

Steelers offensive line coach Shaun Sarrett said Dotson is a people mover. He just runs through people. This falls in line with what his College coaches are saying about Kevin as well. During his Senior year he finally built his legs up to match his upper body and gained a considerable amount of speed.

“He is a people-mover,” Steelers offensive line coach Shaun Sarrett said. “When you watch this guy, he runs through people, now. And he can move them off the point of attack. When you see that on college film, it just grabs your eye.”

There should be no alarm with Dotson starting because he did play in College for four seasons and was a monster on the field. The Steelers normally like to limit their rookies while they learn in their first season, but it looks like Dotson will get his first start at Right Tackle on Sunday in his very first NFL Game.

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