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Kevin Colbert says the Steelers saw Najee Harris Six-Times during their Pre-Draft Process

It was not a mystery how much the Pittsburgh Steelers liked Najee Harris during the pre-draft process. They met with Harris several times and had a meeting with almost every single member of their management team early on in the 2021 offseason with him. Not only did everyone know the Steelers wanted Najee Harris, but almost every single mock draft had the Steelers selecting him in the first round. That is very rare to know what the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to do with their first-round pick because they generally like to keep their pick close to their vest.

Kevin Colbert says when the Steelers went through their draft scenarios for the first round it was an easy decision to make with Najee Harris. The Steelers felt Najee is an exciting player and he's a three-dimensional running back coming from a professional offensive system in Alabama. Colbert continued to say Najee has made NFL runs his whole career even though he played in a College system.

The most interesting thing Kevin Colbert said about Najee Harris is the Steelers saw him live in person SIX times during the course of the season with scouts. Every time the Steelers spoke to Najee Harris they were excited that a caliber of player would be available to the organization. So it is clear the Pittsburgh Steelers' main target in the 2021 NFL draft was Najee Harris after all. Some analysts and fans didn't want to believe the Steelers were being so open about wanting Najee Harris, but it looks like after all of the speculations they absolutely loved him.


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