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Kevin Colbert says it was an easy decision to pick RB Najee Harris in the First Round of the Draft

The speculation ended tonight when Najee Harris landed to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Almost every single mock draft had the Steelers picking Najee Harris. It seemed like it was the Steeler's worst kept secret all offseason, but for some reason, they knew Harris was going to land in their lap. Normally the Steelers love to keep their draft picks close to their vest in regards to the draft, but this year was unusually different.

All the Steelers were waiting to do was have Najee Harris fall to them in the first round of the 2021 NFL draft then they would pounce. In fact, they made their decision quite quickly when it was their time to draft. After the selection, Kevin Colbert said it was an easy decision to pick Najee Harris if he fell to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Colbert also said it really struck a chord with the Steelers organization when Najee missed his flight from Dallas and drove 9 hours just to support his teammates during Alabama's Pro Day. Harris did not participate during that Pro Day either. So that really impressed Tomlin and Colbert with how great his character is. I can guarantee the City of Pittsburgh will love Najee Harris and he will not turn out how Le'Veon Bell did.

Harris heard a lot of mixed rumors in regards to the Pittsburgh Steelers wanting him in the 2021 NFL draft, but he wasn't sure if the Steelers were going to pick him. He said it wasn't a lock that the Steelers were going to pick him, but little did he know Colbert and Tomlin always had their eyes on him from the get-go. The Steelers will now walk into the 2021 season with a premier running back in Pittsburgh and Harris will become Ben Roethlisberger's new best friend as time goes on.


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