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Kevin Colbert on the Offensive Line in 2021: "It is an uncertain group that we have upfront"

The Pittsburgh Steelers will be heading into unknown territory going into the 2021 offseason. With 15+ free agents, the Steelers could find themselves with a completely revamped team once the season starts. One of those revamped areas on the Steelers will be the offensive line. Maurkice Pouncey has retired, Alejandro Villanueva will be a free agent, Matt Feiler will be a free agent, and Zach Banner is coming off of an ACL tear in 2020. The only sure starters on the offensive line the Steelers have are David DeCastro and Kevin Dotson.

Kevin Colbert on the offensive line heading into 2021: "Al Villanueva is a free agent, Matt Feiler is a free agent, Maurkice has retired, Zach Banner is coming off an ACL, so it is an uncertain group that we have upfront," general manager Kevin Colbert said last month. "Again, I don't know where the free-agency part will go for both Matt and Al. We know Maurkice won't be back with us. How that comes together, it will be ongoing."

The Steelers will look to add offensive linemen through free agency and the draft this year. I think the Steelers should let Alejandro Villanueva walk and bring back Matt Feiler because he can play multiple positions on the offensive line. Re-sign Zach Banner to a one-year contract. Get a Veteran Center through free agency and fill in your holes in the 2021 NFL draft. Getting a Veteran Center before walking into the NFL draft will help offshore the need for more positions.

Kevin Colbert on the offensive line position heading into the 2021 NFL draft: "The draft itself, it is stronger at the tackle position than it is at the interior," Colbert said. "Center and guard, traditionally, is not a very strong group. In any draft, the tackles are unusually deep this year. I think we can add players through the draft. Hopefully, we will be able to do some type of business in free agency. And we are always going to look at our own players first."


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