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Kevin Colbert believes Dwayne Haskins will 'Strengthen the Competition' at Quarterback

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The mystery surrounding Dwayne Haskins continues in Pittsburgh. No one knows if he will make the team, but many Steeler fans are rooting for him to be productive and eventually become the Steelers quarterback. Not many fans are high on Mason Rudolph, but I will say the Steelers do like him. It would not be surprising to see Mason Rudolph become the Steelers starter heading into the 2022 season... That is if Dwayne Haskins does not work out in Pittsburgh.

Colbert recently sat down with Dan Sileo on the 'National Football Show,' and discussed the future of Haskins in Pittsburgh. He said, "Dwayne Haskins is a young, talented quarterback, He came into the draft the same year we drafted Devin Bush. He was the 14th pick. We loved him coming out of Ohio State." The Steelers love almost every product that comes out of Ohio State so it was not a surprise to see them bring in Haskins right away after he was cut from the Washington Football team.

He did say the Steelers thought he wasn't ready for the NFL level at the time they were scouting him and unfortunately he was put into a bad situation early on during his NFL career. Colbert did acknowledge Haskins is a good kid and a talented football player so it was a 'no brainer' to bring him into Pittsburgh right away.

One of the biggest reasons why the Steelers did end up bringing in Haskins was because they thought he would strengthen the competition in regards to the quarterback position. That means Haskins is not a lock to make the Steelers team just yet, but rather he will have to compete with 3 other NFL quarterbacks. The Steelers are still hopeful Dwayne Haskins can develop into a great NFL quarterback with the right football system, but Haskins will have to prove his worth to make the team.

Kevin Colbert on Haskins coming into Pittsburgh: “We have four quarterbacks that have played in NFL games, three of them have started NFL games, So when we have some strength at that position, it was really an easy decision for us. And Dwayne does strengthen the competition at that position."


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