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Kendrick Green says he was 'really pissed' about getting driven back in the Eagles game

(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

In the preseason game against the Eagles nearly two weeks ago, rookie center Kendrick Green got bull-rushed by defensive tackle T.Y. McGill into Mason Rudolph for a sack. It was a welcome to the NFL type of moment for Green, as he simply got manhandled on the play.

Green was asked about that play after Tuesday's practice, and as expected, the rookie out of Illinois wasn't pleased with his performance.

“After that play, I was really pissed,” Green said. “It was definitely something I’ve watched on film. It comes with getting reps and experience.”

An old football term is that the "eye in the sky, doesn't lie." And that's what Mike Tomlin attributed to Green's welcome to the NFL moment in Philadelphia, as it was something that he can learn from.

“I’m glad he’s properly motivated by [it],” Tomlin said. “Our tape is our walking, talking, breathing resume. That’s all we have as professionals. It’s less about we say; it’s more about what we do. And the plays we leave on tape are important.”

While Green still has work to do as a pass blocker, he did deliver a pancake block in the preseason game against the Lions this past Saturday that paved the way for a 6-yard run by Najee Harris. At this point, Green is by far better in the run blocking department, as he plays with a nasty demeanor.

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