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Kendrick Green says he always had a 'Mean Streak in Him' because he didn't want anyone to Punk Him

The Pittsburgh Steelers decided to not address their offensive line until later in the 2021 NFL draft. They decided to draft center Kendrick Green from Illinois in the third round who has a reputation for having a 'mean streak' on the football field. There is no doubt the Steelers offensive line will need someone to come in and make them more physical in Pittsburgh. That is what their line was missing in 2020. Green could come in and automatically give them the edge they need because he plays with a chip on his shoulder when it comes to playing football.

One of the biggest reasons why Green plays with a mean streak on the football field is because he grew up in a rough area in Illinois. He grew up near a place called the East Bluff in Peoria, Illinois and he needs to have that aggressive vibe because he didn't want to let anyone punk him. He says growing up he knows guys who never were able to graduate high school or who went to jail and it was just a rough living situation he was in.

Green says the key was to stay busy, stay out of the way, and by being in athletics that was big for him. His parents are a great support system for Kendrick and they always kept him on the right track. Green is right his parents did keep him on the right track and now he has an opportunity in Pittsburgh to become their leading center if he bypasses BJ Finney.

Kendrick Green on the Steelers: "They are a gritty team," said Green. "It's gritty football played in Pittsburgh. Real physical football. I think it will be a perfect match for me. I feel like the coaching staff believes in me and are willing to let me go to work. I just want to get my face in the playbook and learn. The faster I learn the playbook and the offense, the faster I can play. I feel like I am pretty football savvy, have a good football IQ. I love X's and O's. That has always been a thing for me. I really like talking ball, so I am excited."


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