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Kendrick Green hosts Youth Camp at Peoria High School


According to Journal Star, new Steeler Kendrick Green is hosting a football camp at his old High School. It's good to see someone who's made it to the NFL, give back to their community and do something for the kids.

According to the news article, "Camp 53 played out at Peoria High School, with 75 boys and girls aged 6-14, dressed in Steelers black-and-gold T-shirts and wearing Green's No. 53 on their backs."

Kendrick Green has yet to sign his 4-year Rookie contract. However, this doesn't stop him from continuing to give back to his community and to the kids who need that kind of figure in their lives to motivate them to be great.

He will eventually sign his contract, I predict this will happen just before training camp, so no need to fret because of this. It'll get done. Sometimes people just take their time and that's okay.

Kendrick Green gave Journal Star this quote which has a lot to do with his motivation for starting the camp, "I went to (NBA star and Peoria High School grad) Shaun Livingston's basketball camps growing up," said Green, standing just a few hundred feet away from a street sign with Livingston's name on it. "I really looked up to Shaun. Those camps taught me to be inspired, to believe I could be an athlete. They were a big part of whom I am today."

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