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Butler says "Vince Williams realized his body wasn't ready to play heading into the 2021 season"

Vince Williams decided to retire after re-signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers to a one-year deal in the offseason. No one knew Vince Williams was going to retire until he announced it and the Steelers organization did not know until the day of. So it was very shocking news to many of the players when the Steelers announced Williams has decided to retire from the NFL. It seems like a few of the biggest reasons why Williams retired are due to money, health, and religion.

A few of Vince William's tweets that have resurfaced show why he has decided to retire. Another reason why Williams wanted to leave playing the game of football is he would like to coach down the road. It is unclear if he would like to coach High School, College, or Professional football...

Many of his coaches spoke highly about Vince after practice yesterday and some did admit they were shocked by the news. Keith Butler said, "I had empathy for him, I felt the same thing when I retired. We all think we can play longer than we can play. Vince just realized his body wasn’t ready to play, and he wasn’t ready to play.” It sounds like Williams knew he was ready to retire after going through conditioning with the Steelers. Was he out of shape? Has he just had enough of taking a beating in the NFL? Both could be big reasons why he has retired...

Tomlin called Williams the epitome of a Pittsburgh Steeler and a dog on the football field. Tomlin said, “Williams was always vocal. Every time he was on the field, he brought confidence and instilled confidence in every single guy that he played with. So I’m just very happy to have had an opportunity to share a field and a locker room with him.”

The Steelers put out a lengthy statement saying Vince Williams has retired from the NFL, but there has been no official word from Vince Williams just yet other than older tweets. Tomlin respects William's decision and said, “We respect the game in that way, and we wish him nothing but the best as he moves forward.”


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