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Justin Simmons Contract sets the Market for a Minkah Fitzpatrick Contract in 2023

In the near future, the Pittsburgh Steelers will need to make some decisions in regards to a few big-time Steeler contracts. TJ Watt is set to get paid in 2022 and Minkah Fitzpatrick is set to get paid in 2023. TJ Watt could be the biggest linebacker contract the Steelers have ever signed. How about Minkah Fitzpatrick? Well for one he is going to get PAID. Minkah deserves a big-time contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers. This season Fitzpatrick is set to only make $2.7 million dollars! That is a steal for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Heading into 2021 the Steelers can pick up Minkah Fitzpatrick's fifth-year option at $10.6 million. I guarantee the Steelers will pick up Fitzpatrick's option in 2022. Heading into 2023 Minkah Fitzpatrick will be looking for a huge payday. Denver Broncos Safety Justin Simmons just signed a four-year, $61 million dollar contract today. That should set the market for Minkah Fitzpatrick going into 2023.

My guess on Fitzpatrick's market would be at least a four to five-year contract around $70 to $80 million dollars. Fitzpatrick is much better than Justin Simmons so I would pile on an extra $10-$20 million. He is worth every single dime too. The Minkah Effect took over last season as teams were scared to throw his way. He was only targeted 18 times and allowed only 7 receptions during the 2020 season. Minkah also had 64 solo tackles in 2020 as well. So if I was the Pittsburgh Steelers I would pick up his fifth-year option and try to sign him to an early contract extension because you don't want to let him think about going onto the open market in 2023.

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