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Justin Layne has Felony Charge Dropped

(Icon Sportswire/Getty Images)

According to News 5 Cleveland, Justin Layne's felony gun charge was dropped. He is now just facing two traffic violations. He pleaded guilty to both. It's good to see that this isn't going to be as bad for Justin as it initially looked.

News 5 Cleveland also found that "at the time of his arrest, Lane was pulled over on I-90 for going 89 mph in a 60 mph zone." Which that in itself isn't the problem. It's just good that he was caught with the unregistered firearm.

Justin Layne will just need to get all of his paperwork back together. He was carrying a gun for which he didn't have a permit for and he also was driving on a suspended license. So, hopefully, this offseason before camp he will be able to figure out all that.

The Steelers are definitely going to be needing their 3rd-Round Pick to come the 2021 season. After the departure of Mike Hilton and Steven Nelson, there is definitely going to be a need for the position.

Justin Layne could see some more playing time this season because of all those things mentioned above. I am interested to see how he plays with the increased workload he is expected to face. I expect a lot out of Justin Layne and hopefully, he doesn't disappoint.

I expect a couple of the Undrafted Free-Agents to possibly start popping up for the Cornerback position come training camp. The Steelers definitely need to find their next Mike Hilton.

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