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JuJu Smith-Schuster visits the Zoological Wildlife Foundation and plays Tug-of-War with a Lion!

It looks like JuJu-Smith Schuster is having a fun offseason so far. JuJu is set to hit free agency on March 17th if the Steelers cannot get a deal done with him before the deadline.

Jeremy Fowler of ESPN believes a deal with JuJu and the Steelers is not off the table as of now. That is good news to some of Yinz who wanted to see JuJu stay in Pittsburgh.

JuJu has recently posted his adventures at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation recently in Miami, Florida. Hopefully, that is just a personal trip for himself and it is not a trip to visit a city in regards to football. Besides those discussions won't be able to happen until March 17th if the Steelers decided not to lock JuJu up in the next week or so.

Recently on Instagram JuJu posted several videos and pictures of him at the Zoo. He always had a phobia of snakes since he was little so JuJu decided to face his fear and hold a python.

Another video was recently posted on Instagram today by Mr. Mauricio showing JuJu playing Tug-of-War with a Lion! Enjoy yourself JuJu before free agency really picks up soon!

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