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JuJu Smith-Schuster spoke to Najee Harris and called him the Steelers 'Premier Running Back'

The Pittsburgh Steelers went into the 2021 NFL draft aiming to fix their running game going forward. They did a pretty good job by adding the number one running back on the board with their No. 24 pick in the 2021 NFL draft. The Steelers were aiming for Najee Harris all along they just had to wait and see if he would be picked before they could get a chance to draft him and they waited patiently which allowed him to fall in their lap. Najee Harris should walk into the 2021 season with the Steelers and be a game-changer in the backfield.

A few days after the 2021 NFL draft JuJu Smith-Schuster called Najee Harris to welcome him to the team. He told Fox News he lets Najee spend time with his family and friends, but he still hit him up and told him, 'Hey man, let's get to work. I can't wait to win a Super Bowl.' JuJu told Najee this was his phone number and if he ever needed anything to let him know.

JuJu says as a Rookie going into the NFL they have so much going on especially with Rookie meetings, and this and that. He didn't want to bother Najee too much, but that is mostly what he said to him on their call. JuJu is very high on Najee Harris and wanted the Pittsburgh Steelers to draft him in the 2021 NFL draft.

JuJu Smith Schuster on Najee Harris: "You talk about a guy who has been on a high-caliber team his whole career. He’s dominated the game for a while now. And I can see him coming in and doing what he’s been doing," Smith-Schuster added. "He’s going to start early, he’s going to play early, and he’s going to be our premier running back. That’s why we drafted him in the first round. I don’t see him not coming in and not being ready. For us to draft guys on the offensive side early in the first and second round, it just shows that our coaches are very serious about what we are doing and giving more weapons for Ben [Roethlisberger]."

The one thing JuJu feels Najee Harris will do when he first steps onto the football field is he will make a big impact with the Steeler's offense. JuJu also acknowledges that Harris will be the Pittsburgh Steelers starting running back going into 2021. Smith-Schuster feels like he can be a leader on a team who lost many good veterans during the offseason, but he still says he is young.

Even Mike Tomlin reached out to JuJu to tell him about the Steelers picking Najee which says Tomlin is starting to notice JuJu becoming a leader. It is going to be so fun to watch Najee play with the Pittsburgh Steelers and I believe we haven't seen an elite running back of his caliber on the Steelers in quite some time. The City of Pittsburgh is going to love him.


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