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JuJu Smith-Schuster responds to Alejandro Villanueva's 'Tik Tok' comments

Alejandro Villanueva is officially a Baltimore Raven as of May 4th. The Ravens signed him to a $14 million dollar deal and I feel they overpaid him in a big way especially since he is already 32 years old. By the time he finishes his contract with the Ravens, he will be 34 years old and the signs of him declining have already been seen with the Pittsburgh Steelers. So I wish the Ravens all the best with Villanueva, but I am glad the Steelers did not overpay for his services.

When Villanueva signed with the Ravens he had an interview with their media and said some interesting things in regards to some Steeler players. One of those comments was in regards to JuJu Smith-Schuster and the Steelers offense.

Villanueva on the Steelers: “When you have a balanced offense, or when you run the ball, it’s obviously better for the offensive line. I’m assuming it’s not as fun for the wide receivers because they’re not getting all the catches. They’re making the TikToks, and they’re having fun on their social media.”

JuJu recently responded to Villaneuva: “I’m never gonna change for nobody,” Smith Schuster said with a smile. “It’s who I am. I’m authentic. At the end of the day, if I’m doing the TikToks, and I’m putting stuff on the field I’m making catches, I’m scoring touchdowns, I’m doing my job you can’t hate me. I’m just winning and having fun.”

Good for JuJu saying he is going to be authentic to himself. Many people want to change who you're so it's good to hear him not taking it to heart in regards to Villanueva's comments. I believe JuJu should focus more on football this season for the betterment of himself especially since he is going into another contract season.

How great would it be to prove his doubters wrong in the long run? I hope Villanueva doesn't continue to make it personal with the Pittsburgh Steelers and just moves onto playing football with the Baltimore Ravens. It sure sounded like he was bitter the Steelers decided to let him go so it will be interesting to see the Steelers and Ravens play each other twice in 2021 while Villanueva is playing on the opposite side of the field. TJ Watt should have a field day.


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