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JuJu Smith-Schuster on his Browns comments: "At the end of the day I said what I said"

To no one's surprise, there still are some Steelers players talking about the Browns playoff game still. It is not surprising because the Steeler's wild-card first-round playoff game was probably one of their most embarrassing losses at home in recent years. I would have to say the Jaguars and Broncos game (with Tebow) are equally embarrassing losses in the playoffs. With that being said it is hard to let go of the past especially in regards to JuJu Smith-Schuster. He said the 'Browns is the Browns' prior to their playoff game and he still is talking about how they kicked the Steeler's ass in the playoffs after those comments.

Although JuJu did say at the end of the day he said what he said and he isn't going to take those words back. I believe deep down inside JuJu regrets talking before that playoff game otherwise he wouldn't still be talking about it. That is ok to admit too because again that loss at home still stings. He also feels those comments probably motivated the Browns in a big way prior to playing them in the playoffs. This is the first time I have heard JuJu admit his words have consequences though which is a good step in his maturity.

Heading into the 2021 season JuJu should be a bit more careful with what he is saying and focus on the game of football instead of building his brand. The only reason why I say that is not to take a shot at JuJu like most of the media love to do. I say that for his own sake because he is walking into another contract season with the Steelers and he needs to show up in a big way with the Steelers in order for the organization to sign him to a bigger contract going forward.

I hope JuJu and the Steelers can come to terms on a longer deal going forward, but I think JuJu should finally just let go of his Browns comments and focus on showing up in 2021. That will help him get locked up to a longer-term deal and hopefully it is with the Pittsburgh Steelers by the beginning of the 2022 season.


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