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JuJu Smith-Schuster on Antonio Brown: "We could have been a very dominant duo" in Pittsburgh

When JuJu Smith-Schuster and Antonio Brown were on the football field together they were both very special to watch. There is no doubt Antonio Brown made JuJu Smith-Schuster better on the football field when he played with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but AB just couldn't put his ego aside which ultimately hurt himself and the Steelers down the road. Brown did end up winning a Super Bowl with a stacked Tampa Bay Buccaneers team in 2020 and there is no denying it just wasn't the same as if he won one with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

JuJu recently sat down with Fox News and commented on his whole situation with Antonio Brown. He says Antonio Brown is one of the greatest to ever do it as far as his work ethic. It is just a shame both wide receivers couldn't co-exist because if they had it could have been something spectacular to watch on the football field. The problem is it didn't.

JuJu on Antonio Brown: "I think for the most part just being able to share the spotlight was probably the biggest thing," Smith-Schuster told Fox News on Monday. "If we could have done that, I think we would have been a very dominant duo. But it was something that he couldn’t do, and it is what it is. At the end of the day, life goes on and we move on from that, but I wish him the best. He won a Super Bowl, and that’s crazy."

Antonio Brown still has JuJu Smith-Schuster blocked from all of his social media and has not reached out to JuJu once since their falling out in Pittsburgh. He also has JuJu's phone number blocked too. JuJu says he is not fiending for closure with Antonio Brown, but he has said in the past if the two did get together he would eventually like to work things out with him down the road. Smith-Schuster feels both are grown men at the end of the day so they go their separate way and just live their lives.

JuJu Smith-Schuster is right by saying both wide receivers could have been a dominant duo in Pittsburgh, but I think it's time for JuJu to let go of the past and move forward. I hope the Steelers are willing to work with JuJu on keeping him in Pittsburgh down the road for 4 more years as he wants and eventually becomes just as dominant with Chase Claypool as he thought he could have been with Antonio Brown.


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