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JuJu Smith-Schuster is ready for the fans

(Justin Berl/Getty Images)

JuJu Smith-Shuster is back in Pittsburgh once again. This is good for us fans because it gives us an opportunity to witness him and the Steelers at Heinz Field and other stadiums once again.

2020 left us average fans pretty much on the outside looking in when it came to NFL games, however, in 2021, in the twilight of the Coronavirus Pandemic, it seems that we will be back being able to pack stadiums once again.

JuJu had this to say on Twitter: "CAN’T WAIT for this moment to have 70,000 screaming Steeler fans at HEINZ FIELD in 3 months..." Can you blame him? It's going to be great seeing those terrible towels waving once again.

I'm pretty happy that JuJu decided to stay. He makes our team much better and adds just another weapon we can use. Hopefully this season he has his best season yet. He's definitely due for one of those seasons. I hope 70,000 screaming fans get to see it once again and be a part of that experience.


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