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JuJu Smith-Schuster is likely gone from Pittsburgh in the 2021 offseason according to ESPN

The inevitable could be coming to some Pittsburgh Steelers Fans soon. March 17th will begin free agency and JuJu Smith-Schuster is going to be a favorite among many NFL teams to land him. JuJu has been clear that he wants to stay with the Pittsburgh Steelers because he loves the city as well as the fans. So much so he commented recently on Zach Banner's Instagram post about getting off of social media until he gets a contract in Pittsburgh. Smith-Schuster responded that he wishes he could get one too with a sad emoji.

The Steelers are hurting with cap in the 2021 offseason. That is the main reason why JuJu could leave during free agency. It has nothing to do with him being unhappy with the organization or any form of drama. It boils down to money. Everyone wants to be paid what they think they're worth. That's just business.

ESPN recently wrote an article about the Steeler's offseason overview. In that article, Brooke Pryor said it is unlikely the Steelers will bring back James Conner in the offseason. Therefore the Steelers will let Conner test free agency in 2021. Brooke says with what JuJu will command on the open market and the Steelers cap troubles, Smith-Schuster is likely gone, leaving the Steelers with a need to fill the slot position. Restricted free-agent Ray-Ray McCloud is an option, as is Johnson, but that's the most glaring need at the position to be filled either through the draft or an inexpensive free agent.

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