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JuJu Smith-Schuster is getting into the Jewelry Business

JuJu Smith-Schuster is known for building his brand on and off of the football field. Well, JuJu is building his brand even bigger now by getting into the Jewelry business. He is teaming up with Greg Zaks also known as 'Gregg Grillz,' to design a new line of custom grillz and high-end jewlery.

JuJu on joining the fashion industry: “Growing up, sports has always been a fun thing for me. It always kept me occupied and helped with staying out of trouble,” he said. “The fashion aspect just came along with it. Knowing that once I was making my own money, I was able to buy stuff I liked and began wearing and appreciating higher-end items. It came hand in hand.”

Whether you're a fan of JuJu Smith-Schuster or not you have to admit that he has one of the strongest brands in the NFL right now.

JuJu considers himself a businessman: “I consider myself a businessman and have really started to get into the mindset of myself as a brand,” he said. “I started to put more energy into modeling myself after other businesses I admired. I’m always looking to better myself and strive for the best.”

JuJu met Greg Zaks at USC who has done work with JuJu before. Zaks has even created high-end jewelry for JuJu in his college days as well as Boujee his dog!

JuJu when he met Greg: “We met at USC and just clicked. Ever since then, we always kept in touch. I always respected how Greg was himself and how he was so passionate about his business,” Smith-Schuster said. “When I saw that and saw the hunger and fire he had in his heart to be great, it was really cool. It inspired me to do the same. I kept that partnership close and we became more than friends, we became a business.”

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