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JuJu Smith-Schuster did the body shot challenge with Professional Boxer Ryan Garcia

JuJu Smith-Schuster is having himself an offseason to remember. He was seen at a zoo the other day holding tons of animals. JuJu was also playing Tug-of-War with a lion seen on a video posted on Instagram. The lion ended up winning, but it was quite a battle. JuJu is now seen taking the body shot challenge on Instagram with Professional Boxer Ryan Garcia.

Smith-Schuster is a household name so it is pretty entertaining to watch him during the offseason. JuJu is also getting into the high-end jewelry business with his friend from USC Grillz. He calls himself a businessman who wants to build his brand on and off of the football field. Good for him. Make that money anyway you can.

The Steelers wide-receiver looks to be taking Ryan Garcia's body shots well, but before the video cuts off you can tell JuJu's knees are about to buckle. Helluva offseason training program JuJu!

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