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JuJu says the Steelers were Outcoached and Outplayed during their Late-Season Collapse

JuJu Smith-Schuster said a lot of things during the Ryan Garcia Podcast. Much of JuJu's discussion is just now starting to come to light. He seems to have been very honest with how he feels on the Podcast. He called the Steelers ass against the Browns. Which was true. They were down 28 points in the first quarter to a team that hasn't won in Heinz field in 17 seasons.

Smith-Schuster says at the end of the day the Steelers just were outcoached, outplayed, and that is just the facts. He is right about the Steelers looking like ass during their late-season collapse. The Steelers won 1 out of 5 games and were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs by the Cleveland Browns.

Some seem to think every time we mention JuJu Smith-Schuster it is made up, but for the people that have been following Blitzburgh know we don't make things up. We genuinely research before we speak or write anything and always make sure we're accurate. What JuJu Smith-Schuster said came out of his own mouth and he is right to say what he said. It's surprising he didn't sound much more frustrated because time and time again Mike Tomlin has been outcoached.

Yes, Coach Tomlin has not had a single losing regular season with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but the Steelers have won only 3 playoff games in 10 years. It is about winning when it matters in the playoffs. Your goal is to go into the season to win the Lombardi Trophy not just have a great regular season. The Steelers have now lost in the playoffs to the Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns, New England Patriots, Denver Broncos (twice), Baltimore Ravens, and the Green Bay Packers in the 2010 Super Bowl. The last time the Steelers have won a Super Bowl was 12 years ago. So at the end of the day, the Steelers need to start winning in the playoffs.

Mike Tomlin is an exceptional coach. I really do like him as the Pittsburgh Steelers Coach and I feel he is a player's coach, but you have to start winning when it counts. So for JuJu Smith-Schuster to go on a podcast and call the Steelers ass was the right thing to say. They were ass and they also got their ass beat by the Cleveland Browns. The Steelers need to really look themselves in the mirror this offseason and look where they want to go as a franchise.

Art Rooney Sr. didn't create the Pittsburgh Steelers organization to be a great regular season team. He created them because he wanted a Super Bowl Winning Franchise.

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