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JuJu’s Foundation has over 1,500 Scholarship Applications

(Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

JuJu Smith-Schuster might be a free agent, however he is still hard at work on giving back to the community. JuJu has partnered with to give a student a chance at a scholarship. As a student, I can understand the financial hardships of college, so when these opportunities present themselves, it's best to take them.

On the site, JuJu is giving away $5,000 to two different applicants which will go a long way in helping someone attend school who might actually need the help.

JuJu says this, “Giving back is bigger than football. It’s always been a part of my heart.” It’s nice to see someone with a platform like his giving back gives me hope for a better future.

If you’re someone who might want to apply for this, you still have time. They are accepting applications until June 30th and they announce the winners on July 15th. So, don't hesitate!

The essay topic for this scholarship is quite simple, “What is your greatest inspiration in life? What drives you?” So, if you need it, give it some thought! You might just be lucky enough to get selected. Happy writing!

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