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JuJu donates Thanksgiving dinners to the Elderly in Pittsburgh

JuJu Smith-Schuster makes waves on the football field, but a lot of his other work is off the football field with his JuJu Foundation. Smith-Schuster is teaming up with the Dive Bar and Grille to donate 350 home-cooked Thanksgiving dinners to the Elderly. JuJu says we should always serve the Elderly first. These meals will go specifically to the Elderly who cannot attend their family get-togethers this Thanksgiving due to Covid-19.

“I love the elderly, and I want to give back,” he said. “I want them to have Thanksgiving. I am grateful to them and the city of Pittsburgh because they have always have my back. This city gives me love.”

Smith-Schuster says Thanksgiving has always meant family at the table for him. He says he was always seated at the kid's table on Thanksgiving all the way through high-school growing up. He continued to say Thanksgiving is all about sitting down with family and talking about the past and present memories.

So JuJu went out and picked the neediest community to serve them Thanksgiving dinner. Although he won't be able to be there because he will be playing against the Ravens he is making sure they get every single meal delivered on time. JuJu says he didn't want to make people work on Thanksgiving so he sent out an email and asked first. The responses were overwhelming and he got the go-ahead. JuJu says everyone should cherish Thanksgiving moments even if you can't be together this Thanksgiving.

“That would be a perfect end to the perfect Thanksgiving meal,” he said. “Cherish your moments this Thanksgiving even if you can’t be together like you are used to. Embrace life and live life to the fullest and know that everyone around you loves you even if it’s from far away this year.”

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