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John Clayton of ESPN believes Claypool will be Investigated by the NFL and could be Suspended

News broke this morning with a video of Chase Claypool getting into a bar fight on March 13th. There were no issues with the video until Claypool decided to kick someone in the face while they were down. It doesn't matter how hard the kick was the NFL is clear when players break the rules off of the football field. Claypool will be considered a first-time offender if the NFL does decide to investigate the incident because the police were not involved and no one was sent to the hospital, but they could still investigate Claypool.

John Clayton recently joined 93.7 the fan and said he believes the NFL will investigate Chase Claypool and thinks there could be a 1-2 game suspension. Generally, the NFL is lenient when it is the player's first offense off of the football field. Normally it is just a slap on the wrist with a fine, but the video clearly shows Claypool kicking the man in the face while he was on the ground.

Expect Mike Tomlin to pull Chase Claypool aside when he sees him. I wouldn't even be surprised if a call was already made to Claypool. Not only could the NFL present problems to Claypool, but the video published by TMZ this morning was a gift to the guy laying on the ground who got kicked in the face. It is unclear if he will take legal action toward Claypool and Claypool has not released a statement about the incident yet.

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