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Joe Haden says Steelers won't cut him

(Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

In a reply to a Steelers Page, Joe Haden says the Steelers won't cut him. Well, he predicts that they won't. Which, I would think at this stage the Steelers and Joe Haden have been in some contact about a contract extension or a rework that could help out the team.

Joe Haden is 31 years old, he is getting up there in age. However, he has been a reliable player for the Steelers for the last few years. I am a huge fan of his. Mostly because he in my mind is attributed to the turning of the tide of the Steelers secondary.

If I'm the Steelers, I would only attempt to potentially rework the contract rather than straight up cutting him. I would think Joe has a few good years left in him. Definitely not what he was years before, but I still think he can be a solid player in this league and I would rather have him on our team.

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