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Joe Haden says it 'Sucks' that the Steelers released Steven Nelson during the 2021 offseason

During the 2021 offseason, the Steelers have had many surprises come their way. No one expected the Steelers to release Steven Nelson during the offseason. In fact, much of the media were writing about the Steelers extending Steven Nelson during the 2021 offseason to help shore up some cap room. It still isn't clear what fully happened in regards to Nelson because both sides were very quiet toward their situation, but Nelson did eventually get released from the team.

Steven Nelson is still sitting on the open market but is gaining a lot of attention from plenty of NFL teams. Free Agency was not friendly to many football players this offseason due to Covid-19 and it looks like Nelson has not met his match in regards to money yet. I would expect him to definitely find a new team before training camp.

Joe Haden sat down with the media this morning and was asked a question in regards to the Steelers releasing Steven Nelson. Haden said, "I was a little surprised, but it's a business thing. It sucks because Steve is a baller and I can't wait for him to land on his feet." He does believe Nelson's release had a lot to do with cap numbers rather than talent on the football field. This was a rough offseason for the Steelers so it would make sense they would eventually have to make a few tough decisions.

No one knows what the future holds for Steven Nelson, but one thing is for sure he should land on a team soon. Joe Haden did say they were both older players and had one year left on their contract so he knew something was coming but did not know the Steelers were going to release Steven Nelson at all. He called the NFL a 'tough business' and hopes Nelson can find a team in the near future.


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