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Joe Greene says the first half against the Vikings was a 'poor, poor example of the black and gold'

(Photo by: Bill Amatucci Collection/Diamond Images/Getty Images)

"Mean" Joe Greene is the latest Steelers legend to rip this current Steelers team and Chase Claypool, who had a massive blunder in last Thursday night's loss to the Vikings by wasting time with a first-down signal when the Steelers were down 36-28 with under 40 seconds and no timeouts.

Prior to the comeback led by Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers trailed 23-0 at halftime and were outgained 300-66 in total offense. Roethlisberger was also sacked four times. By the second quarter, Dalvin Cook was averaging 11.8 yards before contact, per ESPN Stats and Info. That's how bad it was. And according to Greene, it's probably the saddest performance he's ever seen from the black and gold.

“In all the years I’ve been watching my team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the black and gold, Thursday night in the first half was probably the saddest day I’ve had in all my years of playing and all my years since my retirement watching the Steelers play,” Greene said on “The Zach Gelb Show” on CBS Sports Radio. “That was a poor, poor example for the black and gold. It disappointed me, and I am sure it disappointed a lot of guys who love the Pittsburgh Steelers.”

And like Ryan Clark, Greene didn't hold back on Claypool for his foolish antics against the Vikings.

“Hey man, I thought you were more educated – didn’t you go to Notre Dame?” Greene said. "Why are you playing this game – for you to show your butt, or win the game?”

Claypool's mishap ended up costing the Steelers at least 10 seconds because Vikings linebacker Eric Kendricks made a savvy veteran move by knocking the ball out of Claypool's hands while right guard Trai Turner tried to get the ball from Claypool so Roethlisberger could spike it.

The final play of the game was a pass breakup by strong safety Harrison Smith on Pat Freiermuth in the end zone. If it wasn't for Claypool's mindless and selfish act, the Steelers would have had at least one more play. Maybe even two.

“You made the play, give the ball back to the official,” Greene said. “The clock is ticking, you’re costing your team valuable time.

“I don’t know if that’s youthful exuberance; maybe it was that. In college, when you get a first down the clock stops, maybe he had throwback memory he was in college… But the game is not about him pointing ‘first down;’ (heck), we can see. We know you made the first down. Get your tail back to the huddle, give the ball back to the officials. Very immature.”


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