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JJ Watt says he doesn't own a bike and it is fake news in regards to the Peloton Account

The media seems to be getting this wrong in regards to JJ Watt and are speculating just like many of us football fans are doing. This morning Field Yates posted on Twitter his 'Peloton Account,' saying he narrowed his top teams down to Green Bay, Cleveland, and Buffalo. It turned out to be FAKE NEWS. JJ Watt just tweeted that he doesn't own a bike and to stop it.

JJ is taking his time in regards to picking his new team. The new favorite to land JJ is the Green Bay Packers. The Steelers have now fallen into 5th place with the best odds to land JJ, but don't count the Steelers out because he does want to play with his brothers.

Right now as we stand JJ has narrowed his teams down to 3-5 teams that he feels are legitimate contenders. Watt is expected to make his decision next week according to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN. So far the Packers, Titans, and Browns have been listed. Careful what you read on the internet!

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