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JJ Watt on Twitter: 'Free agency is wild'

JJ Watt once again adds fuel to the speculation of where he might end up. Right now, the Steelers seem to be the favorites but not by too much. There are plenty of other teams with way more talent and money that he might opt to check out instead

However, TJ Watt who is our resident recruiter Tweeted a GIF in response to JJ. It brings me joy to know that JJ’s own brother is working hard to bring him to Pittsburgh. However, it still might not be enough. I just hope we learn of where JJ is going sooner rather than later because I just want to make sure that he doesn’t end up going to Cleveland.

JJ Watt is probably enjoying this for the first time in his career. I honestly never expected him to come a Free-Agent however, after the last few seasons in Houston I think the writing was on the wall and it was time for JJ to explore Free-Agency and possibly land somewhere else. I’m hoping it’s Pittsburgh, however, I wouldn’t blame him if he decides to go elsewhere.

We also got some more information from Brooke Pryor who is the ESPN NFL Nation reporter covering the Steelers. She asked Colbert about the addition of JJ and she got the bare minimum out of him. Colbert is pretty mum about the JJ Watt Free-Agency in regards to the Steelers.

(Unless it’s Cleveland)

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