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JJ Watt has narrowed down his suitors to 3-5 teams and is expected to make a decision by next week

The Houston Texans recently released one of their best linebackers in Texans history. JJ Watt asked the organization to release him and they honored his request. So JJ Watt hit free agency. Watt is being very deliberate in choosing which team he would like to join in the offseason. One of the considerations is going to a contender. JJ wants a Super Bowl team to play football with.

This morning Jeremy Fowler took to Sportscenter and said "I think something will happen next week," Fowler said Sunday morning on ESPN's SportsCenter. "I'm told that JJ Watt has narrowed down his suitors to just serious contenders. So it started a few weeks ago with about 12 and 15 teams, feeling this out. I think it's more down to about 3 to 5 teams right now. From what I'm hearing, the Buffalo Bills are one that Watt is at least considering right now. They're an option. Tennessee Titans have been rumored, Green Bay Packers."

Although Fowler listed 3 to 5 teams being in the mix he only said the Bills, Titans, and Packers were in the mix. Two other teams were not named on Sportscenter. The Steelers have shown interest in JJ Watt and they were considered the odds on favorite, but those odds have now shifted toward the Green Bay Packers being the favorite now. The Steelers have slid down to having the fifth odds in picking up JJ Watt in the 2021 offseason.

Jeremy Fowler on the perfect fit for JJ Watt: "I talked to multiple league execs who believe the Packers are just the perfect fit, both sentimentally because he's from Wisconsin and in that 3-4 scheme, they're championship ready. And that really is the most important thing for Watt, is winning his title right now. So I think the money will come. He's made a lot of money. He wants to win now. So that's why I think that Green Bay's still an option if they can make it work financially at least can get to his market."

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