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JJ Watt has been offered $15-$16 million per year according to ESPN

If the Steelers haven't left the chat about JJ Watt yet they certainly will now. It is being reported that the highest offer JJ Watt has been made by an NFL team is $15-$16 million per year according to Dianna Russini of ESPN! Good for JJ Watt. Take the bag and run fast. Just not that kind of money on the Steelers.

From the beginning of the rumors with JJ Watt, the Steelers have always been included in them. Why? Well, both of his brothers are in Pittsburgh. It would give them an opportunity to all play together. Anything can happen, but it would be a luxury to have JJ in Pittsburgh. It was never a need. Right now the Steelers need to fix their offensive line, running back, edge, linebacker, and quarterback positions. The last thing the Steelers needed was another Defensive Lineman. They already have that with Stephon Tuitt and Cameron Heyward.

The talk was fun while it lasted in regards to JJ Watt to Pittsburgh, but at this point right now it doesn't look like a possibility at all he will land in Pittsburgh. Unless TJ Watt shovels more snow, washes the dogs, cleans the house, and cleans the cars. Maybe that would work?

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