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Jerome Bettis lists his Mount Rushmore of Steelers he has played with

Jerome Bettis made an impact every time he stepped onto the football field with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is arguably one of the best running backs in Steeler's football history. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2015. Bettis had a storybook ending to his career by winning Super Bowl XL and retiring. The Bus will always be in the Steelers organization's legacy forever.

Bettis recently went on the Bryant McFadden show 'All things covered.' He was asked who his Mount Rushmore of Steelers would be? Jerome decided to twist the question and list only players who he played with. He started his list with Dermontti Dawson saying he is arguably the best center to play in the NFL ever. The next player Bettis listed was Troy Polamalu. Then he picked Gregg Lloyd. His last pick was between Alan Faneca and Hines Ward. Bettis says it was a tough decision, but he ended up picking Hines Ward. So Jerome Bettis Mount Rushmore of players he played with are Dermontti Dawson, Troy Polamalu, Gregg Lloyd, and Hines Ward.

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