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Jerome Bettis gives high praise to Najee Harris by calling him the 'Modern NFL Power Back'

Two Legend Pittsburgh Steeler running backs were excited when the Steelers selected Najee Harris in the first round of the 2021 NFL draft. Both Franco Harris and Jerome Bettis have complimented Najee Harris in a big way after the draft. Franco said he is a big believer in the running game and he thinks Najee was a great pick for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Going forward the Steelers need to try and keep their defense off of the field so they can get some rest and bringing back a running game to Pittsburgh is one way to accomplish that going forward.

Steelers legend Jerome Bettis recently sat down with Good Morning Football on NFL Network and said he was ecstatic when the Steelers picked Harris. He didn't think the Steelers understood their errors when they went away from a power running game and Bettis thinks with the pick of Harris the Steelers know they need to get back to running the football with how they're used to.

Bettis also called Harris the 'modern NFL power back' who has the speed, power, size, and great hands coming out of the backfield. That is going to really help the Pittsburgh Steelers going forward with their running game. He also thinks their commitment to a running game is going to come back in due time and the Steelers need to understand if they don't run the football efficiently then they're not going to win. Bettis also says he would like to give pointers to Najee Harris and he is always available to him in terms of being a resource if he ever needs help.


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