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Jason La Canfora is skeptical that the Steelers draft a running back in the first round

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Yesterday in Jason La Canfora's article on CBS Sports, the longtime writer expressed skepticism in the Steelers drafting a running back in the first round of this year's draft.

"Color me among those skeptical the Steelers take a running back in the first round," La Canfora wrote. "They have holes aplenty, and that cannot possibly be lost on them, and unless that offensive line is truly fixed and improving, the pass and run game are going to suffer."

The running back vs. offensive lineman debate has been popular among the media and Steelers fans this offseason, as it's kind of like the chicken and egg phrase. Does a good offensive lineman make a running back or does a running back make an offensive line look good? Many, especially in the analytics community, would go with an offensive lineman over a running back because they don't feel like there's true value in selecting a running back in the first round given that running backs typically have short careers.

La Canfora also says that he gets the sense that the Dolphins are very serious about Najee Harris at 18, which would leave the Steelers with the option of running backs Travis Etienne or Javonte Williams at No. 24 overall.

It should also be noted that draft guru Tony Pauline of Pro Football Network said on 93.7 The Fan yesterday that he would dispute any report that the Steelers are not going to take a running back in the first round or it's out of the narrative right now. Pauline also says that the Steelers are locked in on three players right now at 34th overall -- Harris, Oklahoma State offensive tackle Teven Jenkins and Alabama center Landon Dickerson.


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