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James Washington said he didn't really get to show his 'full self' with the Steelers

(Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

James Washington talked with members of the media on Thursday for the first time since signing a one-year deal with the Cowboys last week. And to no surprise, Washington said he didn’t really get to show his "full self" with the Steelers. There were reports last August that Washington was unhappy with how he was being utilized in the offense and requested a trade. Washington's 2021 season wasn't very impressive either, so it was pretty much decided that his tenure with the Steelers was over the second the season was over.

Washington had just 24 receptions for 285 yards (11.9 average) and two touchdowns last year. In four seasons, Washington recorded 114 receptions for 1,629 yards (14.3 average) and 11 touchdowns.

"Nothing against anyone there but I think there’s a lot of meat left on the bone," Washington said via Jori Epstein of USA Today. "I didn’t get to fully develop myself and take strides like I wanted to. I'm going to...give 110%."

Washington is now back in his home state of Texas, and is just enjoying life on the farm. Washington has a 40 acre ranch neat Tye and Markel, Texas.

Washington is hoping to get back to his Oklahoma State ways with the Cowboys. Perhaps a return to the Lone Star State can revive Washington's career.

"I feel like who I was in college was who I’m meant to me," Washington said. "Downfield threat, physical guy, get involved in the run game. I want to do everything." Happy to block."

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