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James Washington on Matt Canada's offense: 'You're not just a Z, or an inside or outside guy'

(Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

Ben Roethlisberger yesterday in his interview with the media talked about how different new offensive coordinator Matt Canada's offense is, especially when it comes to terminology. However, the routes run by the wide receivers won't change, but their alignment and how often they're in motion could be altered.

"I don't think it affects us too much," Washington said after today's OTAs practice via Teresa Varley of "I think it gives us more options to be in different positions and get different matchups."

There was a glimpse of Canada's ideas in Randy Fichtner's offense last year, but with Canada now being the play-caller -- the pre-snap motions, shifts, jet sweeps and misdirections will be in full force.

"Formations are a little different, but I think it will help us just because it will help us line up in different positions and move people around pre-snap and get the matchups we want against certain guys," Washington said. "It's a little different formation-wise just because we are not used to some of the terminology that is being said now. Throughout OTAs we are learning. As far as the meetings, coaches have been great with relaying stuff to us, getting us the information we need to get lined up."

On the Adam Schefter Podcast in May, JuJu Smith-Schuster said he will be playing a lot more on the outside this year, opposed to being predominantly in the slot like last season. Washington says the versatility of where wide receivers can lineup in Canada's offense is an aspect that he favors.

"That is what I like about this team," Washington said. "Receivers can play any position. You're not just a Z, or an inside or outside guy. You may play that primarily, but you're never just that receiver. You can always move around. I think we're pretty fluid with moving around and keeping guys out there."

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