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James Washington loves to farm in the offseason on his 26-acre ranch in Texas

Much of the media loves to talk about JuJu-Smith Schuster, Dionate Johnson, and Chase Claypool throughout the season. You hardly hear about James Washington. He just doesn't seem to get the amount of recognition he deserves in regards to the game of football. Washington shows up when the Steelers need him to show up most. Every time his number is called he rises to the occasion. He always gives 100% when he walks onto the football field by putting in hard work. Washington might not be a big name throughout the NFL, but he is an integral part of the Pittsburgh Steelers organization.

Throughout his life, he was raised on a farm in Texas with his family. It is where he learned to become a workhorse with his father. Washington knows how to fix tractors, clean up the barn, and take care of his cattle. James majored in agribusiness at Oklahoma State knowing he was going to own his own ranch in the near future. He bought a 26-acre farm in Merkel, Texas.

James Washington about his 26-acre farm: "It's about 40 minutes from my hometown," said Washington. "I am out there working every day. It's been raining here quite a bit. I had weeds growing in the arenas. I dragged those and got those back nice. My dad has helped me. I have a well and one of the lines busted on the well, so my dad and I have been digging and plumbing. There is always something to do. We have done all of the work ourselves. I love my dad. He teaches me everything I know. I call him 'Bob the Builder.' He is pretty handy with just about everything."

Not only does Washington put hard work on his farm he also loves to practice football on his farm as well. He is always practicing on his Juggs machine. Running sprints in his front yard, and trying to perfect his routes.

Washington on lifting in the offseason: "As far as lifting, the other day I was trimming trees around here and I don't know if I ever felt my lats burn as much as they did when I was trimming trees and moving big old logs and stuff. For sure nature is giving me the best workouts."

If JuJu Smith-Schuster moves on from the Pittsburgh Steelers this offseason then James Washington should have a bigger role going forward. It also depends on what the Steelers decide to do during free agency and the draft. Washington isn't on social media and loves to stay to himself. He just shows up and plays football. There is nothing extra in regards to James. He is a team player who will look to have a bigger role in the future with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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